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1.    Total Loss I
       A.    Body Panel Parts
       B.    Types of Total Loss
       C.    Determine Actual Cash Value
       D.    Tools of the Trade
       E.    Capturing Options
       F.    Customer Service


​2.    Total Loss II
       A.    Settlement Figures
       B.    Settlement Presentation
       C.    Salvage Retrieval
       D.    Advanced Charges
       E.    Lien Holder
       F.    Title Issues


3.    Flood Damage Estimating
       A.    Practice Flood Safety Precautions
       B.    Determine different types of flood waters
       C.    Identify four flood levels
       D.    Inspection sequence and Estimating Practices
       E.    Proper Photos for flood losses

4.    Hail Damage Estimating
       A.    Describe how hail damages vehicles
       B.    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) matrix
       C.    Apply scope sheets
       D.    Benefits of PDR
       E.    Conventional Repair
       F.    Replacement parts

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