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Horrible weather or unexpected events can bring about a large number of claims, with many of them over a broad area, making it inefficient and very difficult to handle with field adjusters. When our clients find themselves with a high volume of claims that can best be handled over the phone, 1st Source Adjuster is available and ready to assist, offering well trained adjusters with excellent customer service.1st Source Adjuster is here to provide a service that best suits the client.




Proper planning is the most effective way to ensure that we meet our clients' needs according to their specific policies and procedures. By speaking with the client we are able to customize effective action plans to ensure we handle all claims accordingly and meet the needs of the client with experienced adjusters, team leads, and managers. 1st Source Adjuster’s managers are among the most elite, able to make on the spot decisions and comply with all the needs of the client, all while being an efficient liaison and leading the team.

 1st Source Adjuster maintains the highest standards of quality and service through training, certifications, performance evaluations and productivity reports. All of our employees are licensed and certified. We are here to ensure we match the correct team member with our client. The perfect fit is key!


Adjusters on Demand


1st Source Adjuster understands that while catastrophe claims are among the most discussed our clients have needs that may be simply met. We are here to provide short term personnel for extended absences, vacations, and overflow. We specialize in adjusters on demand, making it simple for our team member to come to the client’s site set up and complete the task and close out the service with little to no disturbance in the office upon departure. This type of service is always in demand. We are vital in the transportation industry, working 24/7 to meet the needs of the client in a safe and timely manner.

Are you in Texas and need 1st  Source 1st Responders????

Our 1st Source Response team will  complete assessments and inspections for the policyholder, your company, the underwriting department, investors, and of course YOU can benefit from this service.


We respond to your needs at your convenience .

Inspections begin at $99.99

Risk Assessments begin at $99.99


Inspections include the following:

  • VIN number

  • Interior vehicle photos

  • Exterior vehicle photos

  • Tire tread depth

  • Make / model verification

  • Odometer reading

  • Tire tread depth


Risk Assessments include following:

  • Exterior and interior damage photos

  • Measurements of damaged areas

  • VIN verification

  • Description of damage


Full reports issued upon completion.  




If 1st Source can service your company please contact our offices.


Adjusters seeking employment, please submit your resume to info@1stsourceadjusterschool.com




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