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Drone Training Course Summary



  • Industry requirements of flying a drone for business or employer

  • Earn a Sky Eye Drone Pilot Level 1 Certificate & ID Badge

  • Prepare for the FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate

  • Industry training, without the need for core classes


The program is designed to prepare individuals to enter the fast-growing drone aviation industry and its many related service programs. Aerial drones are being utilized in more areas of the industry today. Currently drones are being used in Agriculture, Construction, Delivery, Emergency Services, Engineering, Environmental monitoring and conservation, Inspection services, Media, Training, Wireless internet access, to name a few.

With the growth of this industry the need for trained qualified individuals is growing daily to lead in those businesses. Growth of the many commercial applications that will have a positive impact, either on a business's bottom line or by making jobs safer.

The program will also prepare you to take the separate FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate exam that’s necessary for the use of drones in any commercial or industrial support endeavors.

  • Display the core skills of a UAV (Drone) Pilot.

  • Flight Training

  • Knowledge of the development of drones

  • Mechanical and internal workings of drones

  • Daylight & nighttime flight waivers

  • National Airspace System (NAS)

  • Reading Sectional Charts

  • FAA Operational regulations in the Drone Industry

  • Knowledge of the requirements of mission planning

  • Methods of filing flight plans for notifications of use of FAA Airspace

  • Use of thermal imaging & infrared

  • Interior & exterior flight requirements

  • Safety practices

  • Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems

  • Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Advanced Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Photo & video settings

  • Protecting & Traveling with your equipment

  • Review of FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate exam

  • Professional Organizations and the benefits of their membership

Review a Texas Government Agency requirements for the use of drones on their projects


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