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1.    Total Loss I
       A.    Body Panel Parts
       B.    Types of Total Loss
       C.    Determine Actual Cash Value
       D.    Tools of the Trade
       E.    Capturing Options
       F.    Customer Service


​2.    Total Loss II
       A.    Settlement Figures
       B.    Settlement Presentation
       C.    Salvage Retrieval
       D.    Advanced Charges
       E.    Lien Holder
       F.    Title Issues


3.    Flood Damage Estimating
       A.    Practice Flood Safety Precautions
       B.    Determine different types of flood waters
       C.    Identify four flood levels
       D.    Inspection sequence and Estimating Practices
       E.    Proper Photos for flood losses

4.    Hail Damage Estimating
       A.    Describe how hail damages vehicles
       B.    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) matrix
       C.    Apply scope sheets
       D.    Benefits of PDR
       E.    Conventional Repair
       F.    Replacement parts

$275.00 - Student $300 - Non Student


​Roof Fundamentals (Inspection Breakdown) What to look for?​


Hail Inspection

Wind Inspection

Roof Measurements

Roof Identification (features)

Notification of Man-made damage, storm related damage, improper install

Ladder Safety

Overall Safety

Proper mount and dismount from Roof

Proper Gear

Proper Supplies

Rope and Harness Training

Adjuster Basics for the New and Inexperienced Adjuster.

$250.00 - Student $275.00 - Non Student




In class training is ideal for those who learn best in a classroom setting with other students and Instructors to assist. 1st Source Adjuster School’s staff will be available to answer questions and render individual assistance if needed. The classroom course is also ideal for those who take notes and document important phrases given as we move throughout the chapters.

(3) Day Class Monday- Wednesday, the test will be given on the third day of class. This course will cover all state required information.



Welcome to our Bodily Injury class, where we will cover everything you need to know about liability determination, recorded statements, determination of damage, mechanism of injury determination, coverage limits, settlement procedures, negotiations, and final release practices. Our instructors will provide you with the best practices for handling bodily injury claims, ensuring that you are well-equipped to assess the extent of the injury and determine liability. Through interactive sessions, you will learn the ins and outs of bodily injury claims, from initial assessment to final release practices, so you can effectively negotiate settlements and provide the best possible outcome for your clients. Join us and become a master in handling bodily injury cases!

  • Liability Determination

  • Recorded Statements

  • Determination of Damage

  • Mechanism of Injury Determination

  • Coverage Limits

  • Settlement Procedures

  • Negotiations

  • Final Release Practices

  • Bodily Injury Best Practices

$195.00 - Student

$215.00 - Non Student


Our workers' compensation training program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the workers' compensation system. Through this training, participants will learn how to effectively manage and mitigate workplace injury claims, reducing overall costs for their organization. Our expert trainers will cover topics such as claims handling, legal compliance, risk assessment, and return-to-work strategies. This program is ideal for HR professionals, managers, and supervisors who are responsible for ensuring their company's compliance with workers' compensation laws and regulations. By enrolling in this training, participants will gain the skills and confidence needed to handle workers' compensation claims with efficiency and expertise.

225.00 - Student

250.00 - Non Student


Becoming efficient in Xactimate  will help you tremendously; it will allow you to supersede others while on assignments. You will be fascinated by how much knowledge you will bring to your job site after taking our Xactimate course.


What to expect


  • Interior/Exterior Order

  • Category Codes

  • Estimating

  • Creating Estimates

  • Submitting Estimates

  • Xactanalysis 

  • Vertex

  • Set Up/Instillation 

The Xactimate Software will be used by all Property Adjusters, this program can also be used by Trades/ Contractors and Estimators.

$289.99 - Student

$314.99 - Non Student

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